Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I learned today

It's been a long time since I added anything to this blog but since I'm in learning mode, I thought I'd use it to post some new ideas.


I tried kumihimo a couple of years ago, but gave up because I couldn't get the tension right using those small foam disks. I got my disks at Michael's and they came with some of that plastic cord.

If you do a Google search for kumihimo, you can find lots of places that sell the disks. The kind I have show up as the first item on this page for Weir Dolls.

So, back to my big discovery.

As I mentioned, I gave up because I couldn't get even tension and my cords all looked raggedy. Then I was cleaning out some crafting drawers and found all these unfinished cords and realized that I have at least 4 of these disks.

What if I stacked two of them? Would that hold the thread better?

Yup. With two disks stacked one on top of the other so the slots line up, I can get even tension using 6 strand embroidery cotton.

I'm going to try with 3 or 4 disks and different size yarn to see what effects I can produce.

I want to add some seed beads, I bet if I used 3 disks, I could get away with having the seed beads on Fireline in one or two slots and 6 strand embroidery cotton in the other slots.

I'm off to try that.

But here's a video, in case you haven't seen or tried kumihimo.

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