Friday, May 15, 2009

A good idea but it didn't work

After my renewed interest in kumihimo yesterday, I tried some ideas I had for adding beads. I have tons of seed beads and wanted to use some in braids. My seed beads are small, size 10/0 so they won't fit over embroidery thread, so I thought I could run the beads along on a separate thread.

Having tried several samples, I don't think this is such a great idea, so I'll move along to something else.

It's a major hassle to get the beads to sit right on the cord when I used a separate thread for the beads. I haven't tried using larger beads and putting them on one of the main threads, but others do it that way and seem happy with the results so I won't argue with them LOL

In case you want to know how they do it, here's a video. I won't be showing my messy work, I don't want to waste the digitals on taking a picture.


  1. Margaret:

    I use fireline for all my threads on Kumihimo to put the smaller beads on. I find this works well. Here is the bracelet I made:

    Thanks for the knitting needle conversion.

  2. Thank you Gammie, I will have to give that a try. I thought I was breaking new ground because I had never seen it done that way, glad to know I was at least on the right track and with more effort, I will be able to make it work.