Saturday, March 3, 2007

Photo bucket

Today I made a "photo bucket" for taking pictures of my bead projects. There are lots of tutorials for making a light tent and so on, but I don't have the table space for a set up like that. So what did I do?

The first thing was to cut a hole in the lid of an ice cream pail. The hole is just large enough so the lens of the camera will fit through it.

Here's a view of the pail with the lid on.

Then I cut a circle of Vellux to fit in the bottom of the bucket.

Here's the finished project. The lens of the camera fits down through the hole I cut in the top and since the camera is resting on the lid and not being held by my shakey hands, there is no need for a tripod. For light, I just set the bucket near a window and there is enough light. At night I will probably set a couple of small lamps near the bucket and experiment until I get the right amount of light.

This is the first picture I took using my new photo bucket. I only needed to crop it in Photoshop and reduce the size.

Pretty proud of myself.

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